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  1. Cameron Burkitt says:

    I had a lot of fun and learned more about miming than I ever thought I would and it’s only the first day! I look forward to continuing the workshop tomorrow 10/10

  2. Karin says:

    Etenem Oton came for a one hour workshop at SOLE Alternative and blew our students away!! He was a dynamic, humorous and engaging teacher and performer. My students were totally into every mime exercise he took them through and the energy was high from start to finish. Definitely book him for your drama or dance class! I will again:)

  3. Lilly Coronado says:

    Etenem has performed and run mime workshops with our drama students for three years now and each time our students thoroughly enjoy his visit. He is a truly a gifted performer. He teaches our students the technical elements to mime illusions with great clarity. He also gets students on stage performing with him which is a very valuable and memorable experience. We will definitely have Etenem back to our school for years to come!

  4. emma-lee says:

    et was astounding! such a hilarious & sweet person! please come back to eastdale soon!!

  5. Victoria says:

    Etenem came to our school today and did an amazing workshop, it was so fun and creative.. Definitely educational

  6. Jasmeen says:

    Really enjoyed my four day workshop with ET the mime! It was an enthusiastic, exciting and energetic workshop where ET did a couple wonderful presentations that I really enjoyed and taught us some of the fundamentals such as the wall, the rope or how to use your facial expressions. Don’t forget the CLICK!

  7. Pauline says:

    Etenem Oton was such a pleasure to work with. He came into our school (Jean Augustine) and worked with our grade 9s and 10s for two days each. He taught many of the fundamentals of mime and had an immediate connection with the kids. Many stayed behind after class to talk with him and he was so enthusiastic to stay and chat with each student. It was amazing to watch him work with such big groups but give attention to each child. He was positive, professional, upbeat and really drove home the importance of facial expressions and body language in performances. I think this is a great workshop before any major scene work the kids get into, for kids to work on those two essential skills. On the last day we were all sad to see ET go, but hope to have him in the future. Thanks so much Etenem!

  8. Marko says:

    Thanks so much for working with our students at Greenwood this semester. Your demonstrations on stage were delightful and your activities in the workshop were fun and engaging. Our new comer ESL students learned so much about joy and participation in a drama classroom working with you.

  9. Alexa De Jesus :) says:

    Thanks so much for coming to Mayfield!!! It was an amazing workshop and ET is a fantastic mime!!

  10. Rain C says:

    This workshop was amazing, i had a lot of fun doing this, miss it already. Thanks so much for coming to Mayfeild☺️

  11. elliott says:


    please can I have some information regarding school workshops? Preferably the following info:

    Length of workshop-
    Price of workshop-
    Training covered-

    Thank you

  12. Ruth says:

    I really liked the workshop because it was fun

  13. Alyssa says:

    I really enjoyed this workshop. We took our time working on each skill to master them. He was very helpful in teaching everyone the skills and being patient when someone didn’t quite get it. Would definitely recommend this workshop and do it again.

  14. Me says:

    I’m from humberview ss I liked the activities you did , it was fun to learn how to act like I was stuck in a box.

  15. Ryan Howe says:

    ET was a very good teacher of the art of mime and was a great performer and I enjoyed the workshop a lot as it was fun to be a part of his workshop
    Humberview Secondary School

  16. idk says:

    I go to humberview and I had a fun time during the presentation. I learned new mime skills like the walk and the ladder and the rope. I’m glad I learned these skills and I’m glad I get to use them in drama class.

  17. meme king says:

    I’m a student from Humberview. The workshop was really fun and I learned a lot new mime skills during the two days he was here. I wish you were here for longer, thanks!

  18. Amber says:

    He is a great mime teacher! I enjoyed learning the mine skills very much! Book him now

  19. 564238 says:

    From Humberview Secondary School, liked the preformances, had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

  20. Nathan Chan says:

    Learned some new stuff about the art of miming,ET was fun and really charismatic and he was very patient which is needed with teenagers, all around fun workshop but wish it was longer.
    Humberview Secondary School

    • ET the Mime says:

      Hi Nathan, I am glad that you enjoyed the 2 day workshop so much. Keep up your awesome work. You have an excellent attitude and great talent!

    • Allhu Akbar says:

      I learnt new mine skills, It was a lot of fun, I definitely enjoyed his performance after the workshop.

    • Prenetha Rajasuseenthiran says:

      You were a great mime 🙂 I really liked the different techniques and tricks u taught us. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  21. Krishna says:

    Working with ET was an amazing experience. I didn’t just learn mime, i learnt what it was and why we were learning it. It was so fun to have ET come in and provide us with an amazing learning opportunity. Thanks!

  22. Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a great experience to try something new which can richen my drama skills, yet I can have fun at the same time. I practiced doing the box on the transit bus and this lady said it looked really good, so thank you so much!

  23. Anastasia (Mayfield) says:

    I’m a grade 9 student in the mayfield arts program! 🙂 I was having trouble with doing mime, until ET came into my class for a workshop. It was super fun & I learned a lot of techniques and skills that helped improve my mime. Thanks for coming to my school 🙂

  24. Danielle Henry says:

    I am a grade ten student in a high school drama class. ET the mime came to my school and totally rocked the workshop. The whole class had so much fun. He was very outgoing and involved the whole class in each activity. Ever since he came everyone has been practicing the mime skills he showed us. Even some kids who weren’t in the class were asking me and my friends to show them! I am so happy I got a chance to participate in that class. He really did an amazing job.

  25. Good Evening,
    This is my first enquiry anywhere about Mime. I would like to do some basic or
    introductory training in mime. I have an idea I would like to investigate with you.
    Thank you. Suzanne

  26. Tracey says:

    My name is Tracey and I teach drama in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. ET the mime came in a couple of weeks ago and did a mime workshop with our grade 9 R.A.P. students. They absolutely loved the experience! ET was knowledgeable, patient, friendly and he interacted very well with the students. He is a must have when it comes to introducing mime to beginners! The students responded very well to his teaching style and they came away with great techniques.

  27. Lucas Chaves Chiaradia says:

    Hi, my mame is Lucas and i am musician and clown, and i see your vídeos in youtube and i love all. I am Brazilian, sorry for terrible english. I want to know how i make for study with you? You have a school of mime? I realy want so much. Congratulations for the beautiful job. Big hug

  28. Tara Solorzano says:

    Do you still do workshops at schools, and if so, the cost?

  29. fede says:

    My name is Federica ,I live in UK and i have study Phisical Theatre in Italy Teatro Arsenale,i love mime and you are realy amneasy so i will like know more about your workships and corporate.
    thank you
    Best Regards,
    Federica Nasazzi

  30. Alain says:

    Good evening. I teach drama in Oakville and would like to know if you are still doing workshop. Instead of going to T.O., we could have you as a guest. Please reply through email as it is the most convenient for me to communicate. Alain Faber

    • eoton_themime says:

      Hi Alian. Thanks for your interest in my Mime workshop. I will definitely get in touch with you. Thanks for stopping by.

      Etenem Oton

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