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  1. Julia says:

    Hello Etenem,

    As a young woman, I thoroughly enjoyed watching your performances at Harbourfont and following your unique career path. I took some private mime lessons with you, and learned a lot about the art of mime (including concentration exercises and the application of makeup).

    Fast forward to 20 years later, it has been far more than incredible watching you entertain my students both virtually and in-person. Recently, I witnessed four classes of junior students fully engaged in your workshop, and learning how to communicate with movement and facial expressions.

    Lastly, I would like to share how important your performance/worskhop was for our English Language learners. Mime is truly an art appreciated by all.

    I wish you the best in all of your future endeavours.

    With gratitude,


  2. Monica says:

    ET the Mime presented a 1.5 hour workshop to my grade 9/10 Drama students. We had a lot of fun learning various mime movements & techniques (the wall, leaning, chewing, walking, catching/throwing a ball, etc.). He is very engaging & funny.

  3. Leyli says:

    I loved your performance especially the ball tossing.Thank you for helping me.

  4. NM says:

    I found this workshop really engaging to participate in we learned so many cool things like mime walk, throw a ball and get trapped in a box. You also taught it really well.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop with ET the mime. I learned a ton of new things about mime, I really like mime in a box and learning the mime walk! Thank you so much for coming.

  6. EB says:

    Hi ET, thank you for teaching my class different techniques of miming. It was a great experience and was so interesting to learn these different methods of miming.


  7. Lucy says:

    Mime workshop review what I learned from ET the mime:
    Yesterday’s mime workshop was really fun! We learned the ball, mime in a box, and how to mime walk. We also learned how to do the click which is very important in mime. Thank you ET for coming and teaching us!

  8. tayla sockalingam says:

    I really enjoyed his dedication to help others understand the movement and be able to do these crazy and fun moves I watched as a child but never knew how to perfect them. I will always remember that i need both hands flat when the ball is in the air, when it comes back down i need my hands to click.
    This was a memorable experience and i’m so grateful that i was able to be taught by et, and he could answer some questions. thank you for this opportunity.
    – tayla

  9. Grace says:

    ET came to our class and he taught us so many fun things; the box trick, how to catch a ball, and the mime walk. It was really fun and I really appreciate ET taking time out of his day to come and talk to us!

  10. Lauren says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop it was super fun. I liked learning how to do the mime walk and the box and how to throw a ball. it was really cool. even though it was virtual it was super engaging

  11. NN says:

    ET did a workshop for my grade 7 class and I found this was very exciting and lively even in the second period. He demonstrated skill and charisma with all of my class and gave constructive feedback with lessons and practices you can use. He also showed with personal experiences that you can pursue any career if you work hard and focus.

  12. Abigail K says:

    Thank you so much for coming to our class. We really enjoyed it and now we can show our friends and family what we know!
    -Abigail K

  13. Emily says:

    You were awesome Et! thanks for coming in to teach us, you made this a amazing experience for me and my classmates. You were very funny aswell, and we aren’t making ball babies anymore, so I think everythings going well! thanks for coming to teach us, you were great 🙂

  14. Sara says:

    ET did a two-part workshop with my Grade 9 Drama class over Zoom and was incredibly engaging from start to finish! Being on a screen did not stop him from making connections with the students – his memory for names was incredible! My students learned many different skills that they are now applying to their own projects with great success.

  15. liv says:

    Hi I am Liv the work shop was really fun and learned lot’s of stuff like eating,stuck in a box,catching a ball leaning on something and the mime walk I thought I new all this stuff but I learned more details about each and everything that make even more realistic I think he taught me so much in all of these things and I recommend et.

  16. Maddy.A says:

    Even though the lesson was online I found it very fun and engaging! I really liked learning about all the techniques you used to act out scenes/scenarios!


  17. Sophie says:

    ET came in to do a mime workshop with us and helped us with our skills and made it super fun and engaging to learn miming! Despite it being virtual it didn’t make it any less fun and memorable

  18. Elisa says:

    The workshop whats lots of fun! You were very nice and funny. Me and my class learned a lot about mime, thank you!

  19. Lea says:

    I learned so much and I got a lot better at mime! thank you for coming!

  20. Rome says:

    I thought your workshop was so helpful to our unit and you taught us really cool miming techniques. We learned how to eat, walk, lean, be in a box, and to throw a ball in the air like a mime! We will continue practicing these movements and will use these tips in our mime performances. Thank you!

  21. Charlie says:

    The workshop was very fun and engaging and I learned a lot of things. The click was very fun to learn and me and my class were having a really fun time.

  22. Grace says:

    It was so fun and we learned so much. Even though it was virtual it was very inclusive and engaging.
    It was so interesting.

  23. Aria says:

    ET came in to give us a mime workshop at school over zoom.
    Even though it was virtual, it was an amazing experience that I learnt so much from!

  24. Ray says:

    I really loved the show he started with!

  25. Elisa says:

    You were very funny! Thank you for your time and peformance!!!!

  26. Charlotte says:

    He came in to do a mime workshop with us and he made it super fun and engaging! Despite it being virtual it didn’t make it any less engaging and amazing

  27. AG says:

    ET the Mime came in and give us a mime workshop. I really liked the show that started the workshop. It is very cool and I can clearly see the story. ET the Mime is very funny and engaging; I enjoy talking and learn with him. My favourite thing that ET the Mime taught us was “The Wall”. It is one of the most famous things of mime, as the mime touches the “invisible wall”. I really liked it. I started knowing mime when I was little and I often practice “The Wall” with my sister. Therefore, I think I’m pretty good at it, and I really loved it. One thing that I found trouble is that I can’t do “The walk” very well. It’s kind of challenging because you have to walk but not move in place. It’s very cool and I’d like to learn more about it. I really liked this workshop and Thank you for helping and teaching us. Thank you!

  28. Scarlett says:

    ET the mime came to my school for a mime workshop. The workshop was very engaging and helped build fundamental skills in mime. Et the mime was funny and creative. Even though we were over zoom, he made it enjoyable and allowed us to participate and explore through mime. He taught us about how we use mime in our everyday lives and skills such as tossing a ball, the wall, and the mime walk.

  29. Bella says:

    I really liked ET’s workshop even though it was over Zoom. I though it was a very fun way to start off the day. And I learned many new techniques that I could improve in drama that I was wondering or curious about.

  30. Ruby says:

    Hi! I am a grade 7 from Branksome Hall arts program. I really enjoyed doing your workshop. Since your workshop I have been intrigued into mimery. I learned a lot. Your performance and your lessons were really enjoyable and funny to watch. You are a great performer and just keep doing what you’re doing!

  31. A.M. says:

    This workshop was a lot of fun! We learned a lot of techniques in mime and everyone enjoyed doing it. ET provided us with lots of examples and feedback to help us learn. He was funny and connected with everyone.

  32. Julia says:

    I found the workshop very helpful and fun! Despite it being online ET the mime was able to give us a great experience. I enjoyed the humor ET the mime used to keep us interested. I also enjoyed watching and learning the different mime movements live and trying them out for ourselves.

  33. Bridget says:

    Are workshop whats lots of fun! ET was very kind and informative. He was very enthusiastic and passionate about mime. The explanations he gave were very strong and informative. Everyone in my class ended with a strong understanding of mime and keeps on repeating the moves. Thank you so much ET.

  34. SD says:

    I think that the workshops were great! he managed to keep it fun, and play a lot of games with us over zoom just as normally as in person. He is a great artist, and I am glad he taught us some of his skills.

  35. Fiona says:

    ET the mime came and did a workshop over zoom he taught us a lot of new skills i really enjoyed it and i highly recommend ET you will certainly learn how to mime!

  36. SG says:

    It was really fun I wish we had a small break in the middle of the workshop though

  37. LB says:

    I really enjoyed the activities we did with him! I liked the throwing and catching a ball and the wall the most!

  38. AL says:

    The workshop was fun and taught me many things. Even though I may not use those skills in life, they were still fun to learn and will be of great use to me in my class. ET was a nice guy and a great teacher

  39. Leyli SR says:

    This workshop was very fun. I enjoyed learning about skills in mime and it was enjoyable. He was friendly and I had fun.

  40. AIne says:

    I enjoyed the workshop a lot I learned so many new fun mime moves thats are so cool! ET taught us very well and was very helpful!

  41. A.Y says:

    I would say that the workshop was amazing, and ET really made it easier to learn mime and more fun. He used humour that helped us further understand the different techniques, but his humour also helped us relax and realize that you can have fun with mime, not everything needs to be serious all the time.

  42. Nora says:

    We did a mime workshop with him and he managed to make it engaging and enjoyable through zoom! Everyone loved it and it was a great experience overall. I learned quite a bit and I feel comfortable applying mime to my everyday life.

  43. Angela David says:

    My students really enjoyed the beginning workshop with ET! They connected with him immediately and were comfortable sharing their ideas and asking questions.
    ET was focused on the students and offered praise and constructive feedback to them. I was impressed with how quickly he knew their names (over Zoom but in my room so he didn’t have the cheat).
    Directions to the students were succinct and clear so they left the workshop feeling like they had gained new skills immediately.
    ET’s persona was kind an generous as an artist and teacher.

  44. Rachel Clyne says:

    Thank you for coming to our school! We all had so much fun learning more about mime and all your techniques.

    – Rachel

  45. Adrienne says:

    I had lots of fun in the E.T workshop, I learned a lot also, like being trapped in a box, holding a ball and leaning/eating something. I recommend this workshop if you want to be a mime or if you just want to have fun.

  46. Chloe says:

    Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday I learned so many knew things like how to correctly mime a wall. Personally I had trouble with the walk. But I had so much fun thank you

  47. Paula says:

    It was a great experience, it was so fun to do with my class. Even though it was online it did not take anything away from the fun. It was really nice actual learn with your body instead of listening to a lecture, his energy and teaching skills are really great. I definitely recommend! 10/10

  48. Avery says:

    the workshop was so much fun. and i have learned lots of to mime abilities.

    thank you so much.

  49. Shams says:

    Thank you so much for the first workshop – we had fun and learned some fun things!! We tried several miming activities including, imagining throwing balls across our screens to each other and the wall. We also learned to make interesting movements with our feet. Personally, I had trouble doing the last activity, that of the feet, but I tried anyway and it was funny. Since my sister participated with us in this wonderful activity, I had a lot of motivation. What I liked most was the sincerity of Mr ET. He could speak in English, but he made the effort to speak to us in French even though he had just learned it. We especially appreciated the fact that he is patient with us and that he gave us excellent mime strategies. In addition, we absolutely loved that he was able to learn our names within the session!


    Merci beaucoup pour le premier atelier – nous avions eu tellement de fun et avons appris des choses amusantes! Nous avons essayĂ© plusieurs activitĂ©s de mimes dont, l’imagination de se lancer des balles entre nous Ă  travers nos Ă©crans et celui du mur imaginaire. On a aussi appris Ă  faire des mouvements intĂ©ressants avec nos pieds. Personnellement, j’ai eu de la difficultĂ© Ă  faire la derniĂšre activitĂ©, celle des pieds, mais j’ai essayĂ© tout de mĂȘme et c’était drĂŽle. Puisque ma sƓur a participĂ© avec nous dans cette merveilleuse activitĂ©, j’ai eu beaucoup de motivation. Ce que j’ai aimĂ© le plus est la sincĂ©ritĂ© de M. ET. Il aurait pu se rĂ©signer Ă  seulement nous parler en anglais, mais il a fait l’effort de nous parler en français aussi mĂȘme s’il venait tout justement d’apprendre la langue. On a surtout apprĂ©ciĂ© le fait qu’il soit patient avec nous et qu’il nous donne des stratĂ©gies de mime. De plus, on a absolument adorĂ© qu’il ait pu apprendre nos noms Ă  travers la durĂ©e d’une session!

    • Nancy says:

      I absolutely LOVED IT! ♄✚â˜ș Everything was really interactive and this has probably been the first thing I enjoyed this year during covid! Also you gave me a really great insight on miming and stuff, about how to express feelings better through miming!

  50. Anya says:

    This mime workshop was a lot of fun for me. I found that the mime exercises ET had us focus on, taught me a lot. Throwing the ball between us was my favorite activity. I liked it because you could clearly see the variations in each person’s ball. It would become a little one if I threw it at Anabelle, and a bigger one if she sent it to Selma. Before this workshop, I could only place my hands on an imaginary wall, and it was not well done; now I can convincingly pretend to be in an entire box. Thanks ET!!


    Cet atelier de mime a Ă©tĂ© trĂšs amusant pour moi. J’ai trouvĂ© que les exercices de mime sur lesquels ET nous a demandĂ© de nous concentrĂ©s m’ont appris beaucoup. Lancer le ballon entre nous Ă©tait mon activitĂ© prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e. Je l’ai aimĂ©, car vous pouviez clairement voir les variations dans les ballons de chaque personne. Ça devenait une petite balle si je la lançais Ă  Anabelle, et une grosse balle si elle l’envoyait Ă  Selma. Avant cet atelier, je ne pouvais que placer mes mains sur un mur imaginaire, et ce n’Ă©tait pas bien fait; maintenant, je peux faire semblant de maniĂšre convaincante ĂȘtre dans une boĂźte entiĂšre. Merci ET!!

  51. Selma says:

    Personally, I found ET’s mime workshop really fun! The workshop taught me a lot, and I think the rest of the class learned so much as well. Moreover, ET’s French was super impressive for only having learned this new language for a week, it was motivating to see him be so sincerely happy to share his French while doing the workshop.

    As for ET himself, he is a kind, patient, funny and motivated person, which has made the workshop so incredible. My favorite part was when we did the ball passing exercise, our class was together on the stage and so we were able to become really creative with it by turning it into volleyball, baseball, basketball, beachball, and then many other great ideas. It was really fun to see my classmates express their creativity in a different and interesting way. I’d like to see ET speak even more about all the performances he’s done and the preparation that goes into his performances. I had a such an awesome time and I cannot wait to see him again soon!

    Personnellement, j’ai trouvĂ© l’atelier de mime d’ET vraiment agrĂ©able. L’atelier m’a beaucoup appris, et je pense que le reste de la classe a beaucoup appris aussi. De plus, ld français d’ET Ă©tait super impressionnant pour n’avoir appris cette nouvelle langue que pendant une semaine, c’était motivant de le voir ĂȘtre si sincĂšrement heureux de partager son français tout en faisant l’atelier.

    En ce qui concerne ET lui-mĂȘme, c’est une personne patiente, drĂŽle et motivĂ©e, ce qui a rendu l’atelier tellement meilleur. Ma partie prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e Ă©tait quand nous avons fait l’exercice de passage de la balle, notre classe est devenue vraiment crĂ©ative avec elle, en le transformant en un volley-ball, une base-ball, un basket-ball, un beachball, et beaucoup d’autres grandes idĂ©es. C’était amusant de voir mes camarades de classe exprimer leur crĂ©ativitĂ© d’une maniĂšre diffĂ©rente et intĂ©ressante. J’aimerais voir ET parler davantage de toutes les performances qu’il a faites et de la prĂ©paration qui va dans ses performances. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir et j’ai tellement hĂąte de pouvoir le revoir bientĂŽt!

  52. Anneke says:

    I absolutely loved the Mime workshop. The atmosphere was so fun and friendly and it was very relaxed. We all laughed and encouraged each other and it was super fun and a nice way to spend the day. I loved learning about where ET was from and why he decided to go into Mime. It was interesting to learn the tricks of miming since I’ve seen so many mimes on tv and in shows and tried to imitate them as a kid. I’ve also seen a lot of people try to act like a mime but struggled so now I can help them. I really appreciated hearing ET speak in French and I was really impressed that he knew so much since he’d only been learning for a week. He’s a really fun guy and made the whole thing really amazing. I’d love to learn even more about miming with ET, can’t wait!!

  53. Anabelle says:

    If I’m being honest, I was pretty terrified about doing a mime workshop. However once we warmed up and talked a little ET’s energy seemed to calm me down and I was a lot less anxious. I really enjoyed talking about his experiences and his techniques. ET explained it thoroughly and was always open to answer questions without making anyone feel uneducated in mime terminologie. His positive reinforcements made us want to do better and learn more. I did think that the workshop was a little long, but I didn’t mind because we were all having fun. I would love to learn more about emotions and how to display them, I think that would be very fun to experiment with.

    Pour ĂȘtre honnĂȘte, j’Ă©tais assez terrifiĂ© Ă  l’idĂ©e de faire un atelier de mime. Cependant, une fois que nous nous sommes rĂ©chauffĂ©s et que nous avons parlĂ©, l’Ă©nergie d’ET a semblĂ© me calmer et j’Ă©tais beaucoup moins anxieuse. J’ai vraiment apprĂ©ciĂ© de parler de ses expĂ©riences et de ses techniques. ET a expliquĂ© en dĂ©tail et Ă©tait toujours prĂȘt Ă  rĂ©pondre aux questions sans que personne ne se sente incompĂ©tent dans la terminologie du mime. Ses renforcements positifs nous ont donnĂ© envie de faire mieux et d’apprendre davantage. Je pensais que l’atelier Ă©tait un peu long, mais cela ne m’a pas dĂ©rangĂ© parce que nous nous amusions tous. J’aimerais en savoir plus sur les Ă©motions et la façon de les exprimer, je pense que ce serait trĂšs amusant Ă  expĂ©rimenter.

  54. Tely says:

    My favourite parts of our first meeting were your great personality, the way you taught, the ball exercise, your humour and your effort.
    It amazes me that you know so many languages and can speak French so well. Your lessons were quick, informational and very helpful. My favourite moment was the ball exercise. It was simplistic and fun. The “click” that you explained helped me understand more about mimes and how they work so hard to tell a story. Your small jokes would always get me to crack up. It was amazing how fast you came up with them. The effort you have put into being a mime amazes me and your dedication is out of this world. I don’t have anything specific that I want to learn in the next class but I’m sure that whatever you teach will be fun and informal.

  55. Katherine says:

    I enjoyed everything about our meeting with ET. It was very interesting to learn that there is so much time and effort that goes into making people laugh. I found it immensely entertaining to learn the techniques behind the mime wall. My favourite thing that we learned about was walking on the spot, once you got the hang of it, it was easy and fun. I found everything that we did amusing, interesting and educational. I am looking forward to our next meeting and getting to learn more about the techniques that go into becoming a mime.

  56. Eve says:

    During this course I have learned various things from ET about the art of mime. It led me to see the talent it requires to perform these acts and the story behind it, such as why mimes paint their faces white and use so much precise detail in their expressions. I had lots of fun learning different styles of movements like imagining yourself throwing a ball or touching a wall. One of the many interesting parts of our encounter was when we learned different techniques to improve the effect of realism when you are performing. For example when ET showed us how to imagine a wall instead of looking straight ahead it was very inspiring and such a cool trick. One of the things I learned about mime was the “click” in all your movements. Just the general concept was so fascinating to me and I really enjoyed watching my classmates as well as myself learn a new talent. It was amazing to see how much fun we all had during his visit and learning about mime. I was very impressed at the fact that he has learned so many languages in such little time and was able to speak fluently all while teaching students. I very much enjoyed the visit and hope to have another one in the future. What I would like to learn from ET is how to control facial expressions when performing. I decided to look into YouTube videos and I was in awe at how exact the movements had to be when doing them.

  57. Chase says:

    To ET the Mime
    Thanks for the presentation the other day! Your French is impressive for someone who had only started learning recently. I had never realized how important the art of mime is to acting. You teach very well and made it easy to follow and replicate. Next time, could you please review the “click”? It’s harder than you make it look Thanks again for the workshop!

  58. Adele says:

    Since February, ET has been our ‘artist in residence’ this semester in the ADAADV1234 (Dramatic Arts and Cinema Class) once I discovered his YouTube channel and knew my 9-12 French First Language High School Students would absolutely adore his humour, his talent and as we have discovered, his lovely personnality through the online workshops he has taught.

    For our final assignment, after having had two excellent 90 minutes online workshops with ET, half the class is going to be working in 1 on 1 sessions with this phenomal artist, in order to bring to the life their mime character they have each created. They will be filming their performance (most probably from home) and sharing it with the class and hopefully with the younger students in our French First Language Elementary Schools, here in London, Ontario.

    On top of the sheer brilliance ET brings to his teachings, he has been learning French, in order to further our students understanding in Mime in both official languages! How awesome is that?!?!?

    In the future, once we are able to start up again our Board’s Improv Tournaments (QuĂ©becois Style in an ‘arena’ format), ET will be one of our go-to artists as he will help the team members hone their mime skills to expand the stories they will be telling within the Improvisation Universe. Something else to look forward to!!

    It has been an absolute joy and blast to work with ET, experience his passion for this amazing artform and his incredible ability to connect with high school students, even through his web cam! COVID did not stop us from inviting this wonderful artist into our classroom this year! Yay Mime!!

    Depuis fĂ©vrier, ET est notre « artiste en rĂ©sidence » ce semestre dans le cours d’ADAADV1234 (Arts dramatique et CinĂ©ma) une fois que j’ai dĂ©couvert sa chaĂźne YouTube et savais que mes Ă©lĂšves de 9e Ă  12e d’une Ă©cole secondaire de langue française adoreraient absolument son humour, son talent et comme nous l’avons dĂ©couvert, sa belle personnalitĂ© Ă  travers les ateliers en ligne qu’il nous a enseignĂ©s.

    Pour notre dernier projet, aprĂšs avoir eu deux excellents ateliers en ligne de 90 minutes avec ET, la moitiĂ© de la classe travaillera en sessions 1 Ă  1 avec cet artiste phĂ©nomĂ©nal, afin de donner vie Ă  leur personnage de mime qu’ils ont chacun crĂ©Ă©. Ils filmeront leur spectacle (probablement de chez eux) et le partageront avec la classe et, espĂ©rons-le, avec les plus jeunes Ă©lĂšves de nos Ă©coles Ă©lĂ©mentaires de langue maternelle française, ici Ă  London, Ontario.

    En plus de l’éclat qu’ET apporte Ă  ses leçons, il a appris le français, afin de faire comprendre Ă  nos Ă©lĂšves le mime dans les deux langues officielles! C’est gĂ©nial, non?!?!?

    À l’avenir, une fois que nous serons en mesure de recommencer les tournois d’improvisation de notre conseil (style quĂ©bĂ©cois dans un format « glace »), ET sera l’un de nos artistes de premier plan, car il aidera les membres Ă©tudiants des Ă©quipes Ă  perfectionner leurs compĂ©tences en mime afin d’élargir les histoires qu’ils raconteront dans l’univers de l’improvisation. Quelque chose d’autre Ă  attendre avec impatience!

    C’est une joie absolue de travailler avec ET, vivre sa passion “Ă  ses cĂŽtĂ©s” pour cette forme d’art Ă©tonnante et son incroyable capacitĂ© Ă  connecter avec les Ă©lĂšves du secondaire, mĂȘme Ă  travers sa webcam! COVID ne nous a pas empĂȘchĂ© d’inviter ce merveilleux artiste dans notre salle de classe cette annĂ©e! Hourra pour le mime et ET!!

  59. Patrick says:

    Etenem gave two workshops for the 8th grader at our french school in London, ON. Because of the current circumstances he had to teach through the computer. The workshop was a hit and certainly the highlight of the drama class this year. The students were engaged, whether when they were physically distanced in the gym or online with their camera on. Etenem lifted the curtain and revealed the tricks of the mime and after one hour the students were able to perform the wall or a mime walk with great effectiveness. Etenem even started to learn French to communicate more effectively with our students and impressed everyone with his ability. I highly recommend his workshops to all drama teachers.

    Etenem a donnĂ© deux ateliers aux Ă©lĂšves de 8Ăšme annĂ©e de notre Ă©cole francophone de London, ON. Àcause de la pandĂ©mie il a du enseigner via une camĂ©ra sur notre plateforme numĂ©rique. Et en dĂ©pit de cela il a donnĂ© un atelier qui a Ă©tĂ© un Ă©norme succĂšs et qui a probablement Ă©tĂ© le moment favori des Ă©lĂšves cette annĂ©e.
    Les Ă©lĂšves Ă©taient actifs et intĂ©ressĂ©s que ce soit distancĂ©s dans le gymnase ou derriĂšre leur camĂ©ra. Etenem a levĂ© le rideau sur la magie du mime et leur a appris Ă  rĂ©aliser le mur et la marche sur place en une heure, tout en les Ă©merveillant avec ses rĂ©ponses Ă  leurs questions. Etenem a mĂȘme commencĂ© Ă  apprendre le français pour mieux communiquer avec nos Ă©lĂšves et a impressionnĂ© tout le monde par la vitesse avec laquelle il Ă©tait capable de s’exprimer.
    À tous les professeurs d’art dramatique, je vous recommande les ateliers d’ET le mime, ni vous ni vos Ă©lĂšves ne le regretteront.

  60. Claudette Goddard says:

    ET the Mime was a HIT at our school’s virtual performance! The students, staff, and parents truly enjoyed the performance and the workshop! The students had many questions and all were answered! We even had some students that want to learn more about Mime! The teachers are excited about using this medium of communication in their drama classes! So we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to ET, and we look forward to working with you again when we are allowed to have visitors in our schools!

    • ET the Mime says:

      Ms. Goddard, I had a fantastic time “being with” your Grades 1-3 students through zoom! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

      During these unprecedented times, now more than ever before do children need to use their most powerful tool of imagination to bring joy and creativity to their education and lives. I am very grateful to have played a part in this and to help bolster their well-being. I really look forward to visiting again in the future!

  61. Briana says:

    Today Etenem did a performance, workshop, and question and answer period with my grade 6 class in Ontario. He joined our virtual classroom as we are learning at home this year. I thought I was doing a great job of teaching with enthusiasm, but I was in no way prepared for the excitement that Etenem would bring! When he popped onto the screen with his full mime makeup, my class was amazed! This was the first time all of my students had their cameras on and the most engaged I have seen them yet this school year.

    We laughed and smiled throughout the whole workshop, and I know we will be carrying those smiles with us as we practice our miming and teach our family and friends the new skills we have learned. We will remember our performance and workshop with Mime to Mime as the highlight of our school year and will continue building on the foundational skills we have learned.

    Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Mime to Mime workshops as a great “Covid friendly” virtual field trip for any classroom!

  62. Kealey says:

    Hi My name is Kealey and I am a high school student at Mayfield. We had a workshop today with ET the mime and it was amazing. I learned so much about miming and he was so nice. He has the most amazing energy that just makes everyone happy. I truly hope that many other people have the opportunity to meet him and take his workshops.

  63. Natalie Dallimore says:

    Dear Etenem,
    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your amazing mime work! I have been showing your YouTube videos to my class for a few years now and they are always some of my students’ favorites and middle school students are a tough crowd! I wondered if you are teaching mime classes through Zoom now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic? I am here in Utah in the United States and I know you are in Canada and wondered if a Zoom class would be at all possible. Thank you for your time and you commitment of excellence to the arts! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Natalie Dallimore

  64. Sam says:

    Hi, I am a High School teacher in Northern Manitoba, Canada. Our Drama class had the pleasure of connecting with ET via the Connected North platform. It was an amazing experience and the students had a lot of fun. It is often difficult to connect with performers in our location, so we are grateful that ET was willing to connect with us. He was patient, caring, and enthusiastic! Thank you.

  65. Pam Jenkins says:

    Hi, Etenem. How would I go about booking you for a workshop/show at my school?

  66. Cameron Burkitt says:

    I had a lot of fun and learned more about miming than I ever thought I would and it’s only the first day! I look forward to continuing the workshop tomorrow 10/10

  67. Cameron Burkitt says:

    I had fun 10/10

  68. Karin says:

    Etenem Oton came for a one hour workshop at SOLE Alternative and blew our students away!! He was a dynamic, humorous and engaging teacher and performer. My students were totally into every mime exercise he took them through and the energy was high from start to finish. Definitely book him for your drama or dance class! I will again:)

  69. Lilly Coronado says:

    Etenem has performed and run mime workshops with our drama students for three years now and each time our students thoroughly enjoy his visit. He is a truly a gifted performer. He teaches our students the technical elements to mime illusions with great clarity. He also gets students on stage performing with him which is a very valuable and memorable experience. We will definitely have Etenem back to our school for years to come!

  70. emma-lee says:

    et was astounding! such a hilarious & sweet person! please come back to eastdale soon!!

  71. Victoria says:

    Etenem came to our school today and did an amazing workshop, it was so fun and creative.. Definitely educational

  72. Molly Rumberger says:

    Hi there! I am a Theatre Arts teacher with Fairfax County Public Schools. I often use your work as a point of reference when teaching physical acting and pantomime. Do you still do school workshops? I would love to talk to you about bringing you to Virginia! Please contact me via e-mail at your earliest convenience.

  73. Matthew says:

    I had an absolutely amazing time with Et the mime in my drama class. He came to my school (Jean Augustine Secondary) and I had the opportunity to spend two days with him. We learned the elements of mime such as facial expression and body language as well as applying those skills in an activity that was really fun!Et was also very engaging and full of energy, which made my time with him all the better. All in all, having ET was an awesome experience in class and I have defiantly taken away from it. Thank you so much!

  74. Jasmeen says:

    Really enjoyed my four day workshop with ET the mime! It was an enthusiastic, exciting and energetic workshop where ET did a couple wonderful presentations that I really enjoyed and taught us some of the fundamentals such as the wall, the rope or how to use your facial expressions. Don’t forget the CLICK!

  75. Eaman says:

    It was really fun working with you.. I had a lot of fun through the workshop…. All the games were very engaging..I loved the workshop.

  76. Pauline says:

    Etenem Oton was such a pleasure to work with. He came into our school (Jean Augustine) and worked with our grade 9s and 10s for two days each. He taught many of the fundamentals of mime and had an immediate connection with the kids. Many stayed behind after class to talk with him and he was so enthusiastic to stay and chat with each student. It was amazing to watch him work with such big groups but give attention to each child. He was positive, professional, upbeat and really drove home the importance of facial expressions and body language in performances. I think this is a great workshop before any major scene work the kids get into, for kids to work on those two essential skills. On the last day we were all sad to see ET go, but hope to have him in the future. Thanks so much Etenem!

  77. Marko says:

    Thanks so much for working with our students at Greenwood this semester. Your demonstrations on stage were delightful and your activities in the workshop were fun and engaging. Our new comer ESL students learned so much about joy and participation in a drama classroom working with you.

  78. Alexa De Jesus :) says:

    Thanks so much for coming to Mayfield!!! It was an amazing workshop and ET is a fantastic mime!!

  79. Rain C says:

    This workshop was amazing, i had a lot of fun doing this, miss it already. Thanks so much for coming to Mayfeildâ˜ș

  80. elliott says:


    please can I have some information regarding school workshops? Preferably the following info:

    Length of workshop-
    Price of workshop-
    Training covered-

    Thank you

  81. Ruth says:

    I really liked the workshop because it was fun

  82. Alyssa says:

    I really enjoyed this workshop. We took our time working on each skill to master them. He was very helpful in teaching everyone the skills and being patient when someone didn’t quite get it. Would definitely recommend this workshop and do it again.

  83. Me says:

    I’m from humberview ss I liked the activities you did , it was fun to learn how to act like I was stuck in a box.

  84. Ryan Howe says:

    ET was a very good teacher of the art of mime and was a great performer and I enjoyed the workshop a lot as it was fun to be a part of his workshop
    Humberview Secondary School

  85. idk says:

    I go to humberview and I had a fun time during the presentation. I learned new mime skills like the walk and the ladder and the rope. I’m glad I learned these skills and I’m glad I get to use them in drama class.

  86. meme king says:

    I’m a student from Humberview. The workshop was really fun and I learned a lot new mime skills during the two days he was here. I wish you were here for longer, thanks!

  87. Amber says:

    He is a great mime teacher! I enjoyed learning the mine skills very much! Book him now

  88. 564238 says:

    From Humberview Secondary School, liked the preformances, had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

  89. Nathan Chan says:

    Learned some new stuff about the art of miming,ET was fun and really charismatic and he was very patient which is needed with teenagers, all around fun workshop but wish it was longer.
    Humberview Secondary School

    • ET the Mime says:

      Hi Nathan, I am glad that you enjoyed the 2 day workshop so much. Keep up your awesome work. You have an excellent attitude and great talent!

    • Allhu Akbar says:

      I learnt new mine skills, It was a lot of fun, I definitely enjoyed his performance after the workshop.

    • Prenetha Rajasuseenthiran says:

      You were a great mime 🙂 I really liked the different techniques and tricks u taught us. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  90. Krishna says:

    Working with ET was an amazing experience. I didn’t just learn mime, i learnt what it was and why we were learning it. It was so fun to have ET come in and provide us with an amazing learning opportunity. Thanks!

  91. Crystal says:

    I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a great experience to try something new which can richen my drama skills, yet I can have fun at the same time. I practiced doing the box on the transit bus and this lady said it looked really good, so thank you so much!

  92. Anastasia (Mayfield) says:

    I’m a grade 9 student in the mayfield arts program! 🙂 I was having trouble with doing mime, until ET came into my class for a workshop. It was super fun & I learned a lot of techniques and skills that helped improve my mime. Thanks for coming to my school 🙂

  93. Danielle Henry says:

    I am a grade ten student in a high school drama class. ET the mime came to my school and totally rocked the workshop. The whole class had so much fun. He was very outgoing and involved the whole class in each activity. Ever since he came everyone has been practicing the mime skills he showed us. Even some kids who weren’t in the class were asking me and my friends to show them! I am so happy I got a chance to participate in that class. He really did an amazing job.

  94. Good Evening,
    This is my first enquiry anywhere about Mime. I would like to do some basic or
    introductory training in mime. I have an idea I would like to investigate with you.
    Thank you. Suzanne

  95. Tracey says:

    My name is Tracey and I teach drama in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. ET the mime came in a couple of weeks ago and did a mime workshop with our grade 9 R.A.P. students. They absolutely loved the experience! ET was knowledgeable, patient, friendly and he interacted very well with the students. He is a must have when it comes to introducing mime to beginners! The students responded very well to his teaching style and they came away with great techniques.

  96. Lucas Chaves Chiaradia says:

    Hi, my mame is Lucas and i am musician and clown, and i see your vĂ­deos in youtube and i love all. I am Brazilian, sorry for terrible english. I want to know how i make for study with you? You have a school of mime? I realy want so much. Congratulations for the beautiful job. Big hug

  97. Tara Solorzano says:

    Do you still do workshops at schools, and if so, the cost?

  98. fede says:

    My name is Federica ,I live in UK and i have study Phisical Theatre in Italy Teatro Arsenale,i love mime and you are realy amneasy so i will like know more about your workships and corporate.
    thank you
    Best Regards,
    Federica Nasazzi

  99. Alain says:

    Good evening. I teach drama in Oakville and would like to know if you are still doing workshop. Instead of going to T.O., we could have you as a guest. Please reply through email as it is the most convenient for me to communicate. Alain Faber

    • eoton_themime says:

      Hi Alian. Thanks for your interest in my Mime workshop. I will definitely get in touch with you. Thanks for stopping by.

      Etenem Oton

      • Durga says:

        Hello Et, thank you for coming to our class and teaching us how to mime. It has been a pleasure, and I would have never learnt those things unless you taught me.

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