Corporations are always looking for innovative and entertaining ways to build from within. Team building workshops through mime are an effective and fun way to unify an organization and increase its productivity.

Click here to watch ET the Mime in action!


  1. Aaron Malkin says:

    We worked with ET on mime skills and writing collaboration for a video series. He was extraordinary to work with: He was very positive, had fantastic ideas, skilled as a teacher and theatre creator. I would work with him again without hesitation!

  2. We had a fabulous time connecting with ET while performing in Toronto. His joyous personality is a delight to be around.
    We hired him to develop sketch ideas for filming, learn some mime techniques, and pick his brain for areas in our stage performance ‘Easy as Pie’ where we could further develop our mime work.

    We look forward to sharing space again in the future.

    Alastair Knowles (aka Jamesy)

  3. Andrew G. says:

    ET is so energetic and personable; after a single phone call I felt like he and I went way back and it was such a joy to finally meet him in person at the workshop. His approach makes mime accessible and easy while still being rigorous. His tailored workshop was a highly entertaining time that has enhanced our group’s ability to free up the imagination in a physical and cartoonish way. Highly recommended!

  4. Shel says:

    Dear Etenem,

    I am a drama teacher using zoom teaching Chinese students who are interested in acting and drama from China. I use partial Mime as my teaching tools however I am not a professional Mine actor and educator.
    I watched all your performances online and it surprise me that you are in Toronto! (How ignorance I was!
    I wonder, will you be interested in zoom Mime workshops to other language students? What’s concern you may have?

    Best wishes,

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