Stage Show

Why not have your guests sit back and be treated to a silent comedy show. The 15-30 minute show entitled ”Silent Comedy Like You’ve Never Heard”, consists of comedic skits set to music and audience members performing right on stage (imagine watching the president/vice of your company in a whole other light…trying to mime a character for the staff’s extreme amusement). The humour, improvisation and stunning mime illusion packed into this show make it a must see and will have your guests literally crying with laughter !

A Mime Show with a twist !  I also provide mime shows that are used in corporate presentations, speeches and seminars. Often attendees’ minds wander during these affairs, so using mime in unison with a presenter or performing a vignette of to do vs. not to do, engages the minds, stimulates the memory and definitely entertains all at the same time.

Click here to watch ET the Mime in action !

***This Saturday ET the Mime will be performing at the WESTON BUSKERFEST from 3:00pm-5:00pm*** 

2 Responses to Stage Show

  1. N Badger says:

    With Mime to Mime, you are always in for a treat—wit, attention to detail, intelligent humour, professionalism, and extreme skill all combine to deliver the most impact, every time!

    N Badger
    Toronto, Ontario

  2. For the sentimental, the hopeful, the lonely, the lovers and children at heart, ET the Mime is the solution. His combination of physical gesture and humour is rare to come by in a performer. When you watch ET’s work, you leave with a feeling of warmth in your heart and mind. Because his performances are always rooted in love, his work appeals to all types of people. You are guaranteed to be touched by ET’s performance and if you’re lucky, he may even get you up to perform with him!

    A true mime that reminds me very much of the late, great Marcel Marceau!

    Thank you for sharing your love with humanity!

    Peter Djordjevic
    Sydney, Australia

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